A collection of Art Films directed by Alejandro Mos Riera

24 Great Art Films of our Time

The Power Of The Image ¶ PhotoBook

Photography is the only universal language in all nations and cultures, in the family of humanity. A photograph is a fragment of reality, of a specific moment and moment. Photography is the eye of reality.

“Vidas de artistas: El gran lienzo de la historia” * Art Films

“La pintura es la amante de la belleza y la reina de las artes”.

Nicolas Poussin

Museums Of The World

“Real museums are places where Time is transformed into Space.”

Orhan Pamuk, The Museum of Innocence

Planet Earth: Our home in the cosmos

“The pale blue marble in vast cosmic space. The Earth, that’s nature’s mother, is our home, a paradise, full of life.”

“Cities of the light of the world” * Art Films

The city is one of the great ideas of humanity.

“Love, peace & music” Art Films directed by Alejandro Mos Riera

When there is music, must be peace & love.

Music is the Poetry of the Air Art Films directed by Alejandro Mos Riera

Music is the invisible poetry of the wind.

El Arte de Leer Películas sobre literatura y libros dirigidas por Alejandro Mos Riera

El arte de leer es el arte de leer la vida.

Once upon a time ¶ Fairy tales

Once upon a time…

Noir Poetry Art Films

“When you see people on films in color, you see the natural life. But when you see people on films in black and white, you see the beauty of their souls.”

The Painted Films Art films painted and directed by Alejandro Mos Riera

A film is a painting made of time and light.

The Moon & Mankind

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”
― Neil Armstrong

Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space * Space Exploration Films

It was Pythagoras who first called heaven kosmos, because it is perfect, and “adorned” with infinite beauty and living beings.

El fin de la noche y el comienzo del día * Art Films Dibujos creados con iPad por Alejandro Mos Riera

Hay que vivir cada noche como el fin de los tiempos y cada nuevo día como el origen del universo.

Rayuela *** Julio Cortázar * Art Film

“Andábamos sin buscarnos pero sabiendo que andábamos para encontrarnos.”

“Un ojo en el corazón de un poeta”

Es imposible hacer una buena película sin una cámara que sea como un ojo en el corazón de un poeta.

Orson Welles

“The Art of Seeing” * Art Film

“Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.”

Jonathan Swift

El Viento Invisible (Short Film Movies)

“Mostrar el viento invisible por el agua que salpica a su paso.”

Robert Bresson

Alejandro Mos Riera is a Spanish polymath. Poet, writer, journalist, painter, photographer, musician and filmmaker. http://about.me/mosriera http://riera.info

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