“Everything you can imagine is real”

  1. You only live once in the world 05:57
  2. 2. A dream within a dream 10:32
  3. 3. Some of us are looking at the stars 07:32
  4. 4. A day without sunshine 10:46
  5. 5. Nothing is impossible 09:13

44 min

Album & Art Film released March 11, 2021

Music composed and played by Alejandro Mos Riera

Play and hear music album at Bandcamp:

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Art Film (Available at Vimeo)



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Alejandro Mos Riera

Alejandro Mos Riera


Alejandro Mos Riera is a Spanish polymath. Poet, writer, journalist, painter, photographer, musician and filmmaker. http://about.me/mosriera http://riera.info