“Timeless Music” (2020)

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“The great loves, leave memories in all the songs.”

“Timeless Music”

1. Poetry of the air (Aria) 03:57
2. The Family of Mankind (Cavalleria) 03:25
3. Gentle Mind (Gymnopédie) 04:57
4. The Eternal Sleep (Pavane) 07:12
5. The Weight Of History (Canon) 07:06
6. The Tree of Life (Duet) 05:26
7. I Believe in You (Ave Maria) 06:07
8. The Endless Time (Adagio) 09:31

Asturias, Spain

March 18–19, 2020

(Music Album)
(Art Film)

Written by

Alejandro Mos Riera is a Spanish polymath. Poet, writer, journalist, painter, photographer, musician and filmmaker. http://about.me/mosriera http://riera.info

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